Tuesday, November 5, 2013

10 BEST Makeup Removing Tips

Removing makeup is the most important part of your night time routine, i mean leaving makeup on can make your skin dry, dull, irritated and most of all it causes Acne and other problems like unevenness..

I've decided to create my top 10 tips at removing makeup...follow these and your skin will thank you!

  1. Vaseline:
    You may think that I'll be recommending Vaseline, but from personal experience and research I will tell you that Vaseline is one of the worst things you can do for your skin. Vaseline clogs pores, causes styes and trap Bacteria..so keep Vaseline for Lips only!

  2. Olive/Coconut/Almond/jojoba Oil:
    This is the best and cheapest way to remove makeup..All you have to do is slather on oil on your face and leave it on for a 30-seconds to a few minutes while you rub your face in circular motion (gently)..Think about it..The problem Oily people have is that their skins oil breaks down the makeup, so youre doing exactly that. Wash it off with a cleanser! (oily skin is okay to use this too)
  3. Makeup/baby Wipes:
    I don't trust makeup/baby wipes alone to remove all my makeup, I feel like I don't have the peace of mind, but combined with my oil, I know my skin is good.

  4. BlowDry:
    I know it sounds absolutely insane..but blowdrying your face after oiling (don't burn yourself) helps oil seep into your skin, and break down all the makeup and speeds up the process as well. Yup Blowdry is the BEST invention for me EVER! (Look out for a post on How I Use blowdryer for various things)

  5. Cold Creams
    Cold Creams work like Oil does, but it takes a lot of cream to slather and remove the makeup..I think its an okay thing, but I wouldn't be comfortable with adding too many chemicals or buying tons of cream when i have oil.

  6. Avoid store bought removers:
    this stuff is so irritating on my skin, and my skin is extremely strong (knock on wood)...i mean it just doesn't work for me. Besides they don't even work as well, so instead of adding extra chemicals save that money.
  7. cleanser is not enough:
    if you think youre face is getting a thorough clean with just cleanser, think again..So please add a cold cream, oil or cleansing gel.

  8. Detoxifying/Pore Cleansing Mask:
    I cannot tell you how much doing this once a week on a cleansed face helps my skin, it literally cleans out my pores. Just doing it once a week helps my skin clean out and look its best.

  9. Witch Hazel and Retinol
    Use Witch Hazel once every few days on a cleansed face...I feel like using watch hazel has helped my skin since It started going downhill once i started wearing my MAC studio Sculpt everyday (Long shifts at work) So try to use it instead of your toner..(I use it every few days). I also use a non-prescription retinol cream to help my skin, I only use it at night (DO NOT WEAR IT DURING THE DAY WITHOUT SUNSCREEN)..

  10. Wear less makeup:
    nothings unsexier than a Cake Face..so avoid all that and go for a tinted moisturizer and use a concealer for trouble spots. If you HAVE to wear a foundation with more coverage, try Maybelline Fit me or Nars Sheer glow, these foundations give you that polished look without the heaviness.

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